Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Howdy everyone!

Howdy everyone… has been a while since I got to post on this blog! I'm going to post about what we've been doing… and what's in the schedule ahead. Pretty boring.

Friday: Around two o' clock, I went to clean at my Grandma's house. We went to Goodwill, found some clothes… (1 khaki skirt, 1 denim, 1 green and white skirt, an orange shirt, and a yellow, peach and green shirt). My favorite thing was the green and white skirt, I loved it. It had a green and white design with "sparklies" all over it. I was going to wear it to church, so I washed it Saturday. Well, I learned that you don't put that skirt in the dryer. It was at least six inches below my knees, but it shrunk SO much that it was above my knees!!!! I was slightly upset.

Saturday: We went garage saling… or would it be garage shopping???!!!??? Hmmm. Found three cute shirts, pair of flip flops with a heel, and a jean jacket.

Sunday: We didn't go to church in the morn, because Dad wasn't feeling too great… he sounded awful!!! (Sorry, Dad!) He's feeling better. We went to church in the evening, though!

Monday: Planted some sunflowers, and some marigolds. I have a lot of sunflowers, so hopefully SOMEBODY wants some! As you saw on my blog, I'm selling some….!!!

Today: Well, I'm going to therapy with Skybo and Grandpa, than off to piano lessons.


Before I close, I would encourage you to visit these two new blogs (to me.) I had been following these two girls for a while, and I liked them A LOT, but thye both stopped, at the same time. One girl told me about her new blog, and the other one didn't. (They are sisters!) But, I now have them both.

Is ANYTHING too hard for God? Is about a girl who is now courting. She has a lot of insights, and is really bubbly---- I wonder why. I have never met her, but she has talked to a girl at our church, and knows who our Pastor is.

I Have Been Blessed is her younger sister. She has a great blog too- I like it a lot! (If you click on the titles, it goes to the blog)

Oh yeah…. Guess what's coming up…. MY BIRTHDAY!!! IN FIFTEEN MORE DAYS!!!!






debra said...

Okay - almost 13 year old. I'll be ordering some sunflowers to put at the garden. I'll take 10. I might order some for Sarah to put at her Post Office. Maybe 5 for her. We'll see. Everyone out there - order some sunflowers from Ashlyn - Ashlyn's Mammoth Sunflowers ... \

Jennifer said...

Jordan and Ashlyn,

Thanks for being such a blessing and an encouragement! you are so sweet!!! Enjoy your 13th b-day!!

B and J said...

Awww! I'll have to remember your Birthday! That's weird about the skirt! That must be "very" disappointing!

- Jen