Tuesday, June 8, 2010

“Books are Treasures…”

Several posts down, I mentioned the "Elsie Books". If you can't pull yourself together to buy 'em, then buy these. These two books, The Wide, Wide, World Vol. 1 & 2,
are written by Susan Warner. You might recognize the last name: Her sister, Anna, wrote "Jesus Loves Me", and Susan wrote "Jesus Bids Us Shine".

I first heard about these awesome books by reading Elsie. They are mentioned in Elsie's Girlhood, Book Three. Mr. Travilla, her father's friend, gave these to her. These books are so good. You will follow Ellen Montgomery through trial after trial! You will see when she realizes that she needs to depend on God, when family dies, when family forsakes her, and when she leaves friends that are more than family. That sentence sounded really confusing I'm sure, but you will understand once you read them. Click here to go to the website that sells them. They are 23.00 each, or 36.00 for both. Search "wide wide world"!


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debra said...

I take it that you have these books, Ash..... From your post, it sounds like you are giving these books, as well as the Elsie books, a rave review.

See you soon. Love you. Hope you're still not feeling the egg drop soup :)