Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some of the greatest books...

The twelve book series by Martha Finley: The "Elsie Dinsmore Books"- or, "Elsie Books". I would say this series is my favorite book beside the Bible. I can't say how much I love these books.

These books are some of the most well-written books I have ever read. One chapter you are rejoicing with Elsie- the next you are crying- then later you are wondering if someone is ever going to realize the danger she is in- next you are crying together as you read throughout the Civil War and the adventurous events afterward.

In these books, you cry- I have so many times. In these books, you laugh- I have so many times. In these books...

I will give a brief summary:

When you open the first book, you join Elsie- little eight-year-old Elsie- in a schoolroom where she is treated unfairly. Then she meets "Miss Rose" (who plays a large role in her life) who encourages her in the way of Jesus. Elsie needs all the encouragement she can get- for she is staying with family who brutally treat her and her strong beliefs; she has no mother- she died when she was born; and her father- her "precious papa who she loves so dearly" is in Europe- and has never seen his daughter- but he returns- and her bright hopes of the future are dashed when he...~

The first, second, fourth, and seventh books are the ones that will have you really crying. The third, fourth, and sixth ones keep you in suspense. The ninth-twelfth books are simply a pleasure to read. All of them are simply great. You will meet foes who try to ruin her life and those of the ones that dearly love her and those she dearly loves-simply because she is a heiress; you will see family betray her; you will see her father reject her- you will see her go through hard sorrow- you will see her go through the facing the KKK; and through all the joys and through all the tragedies, you will see her stand strong for the LORD so she can receive "the crown of life".

So I would encourage you to buy the whole set if you haven't already- but if you can't pull yourself together to buy a great $120 book set at this moment- then just buy the first- and I guarantee you that you will buy the rest. Just a disclaimer: Don't buy them except they be from Vision Forum. There are other Elsie Books out there- but they are so revised that it takes the 1800's charm out of it.

Each book is about 350 pages long. About 4,000 pages total...!!!!!!!


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debra said...

I'm sure glad you like the "Elsie" books. I never would have known that you liked them....hahahehehe. :)